The impeachment trial isn't the only legal problem Trump faces. Many questions loom about his finances.

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New York (CNN)The impeachment of President Donald Trump is center stage, but when the last vote in the Senate trial is cast, it won't mark an end to the investigations looming over the President and his company, the Trump Organization.

Investigators in New York and the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives have several inquiries that will continue well into the presidential campaign. Their focus touches an area that Trump has long tried to shield from scrutiny: his finances.
The investigations have been underway for nearly a year. Trump has filed lawsuits to block subpoenas to his long-time accounting firm Mazars USA and banks Deutsche Bank and Capitol One. Now both matters are before the US Supreme Court, meaning the pace of those investigations is largely tied to the court's schedule.
    Oral arguments are set for March and a decision will come by June. Behind the scenes investigators are continuing to collect evidence and interview witnesses, but major decisions are unlikely until the justices decide whether investigators can review the President's financial and tax records -- putting the outcome of investigations on a collision course with the 2020 election.


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